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Paddy Procurement

Our company procures paddy grains directly from local farmers during village campaigns. We provide support and guidance to enhance their yield, fostering sustainable agricultural practices while ensuring fair compensation for their produce, thereby strengthening the farming community.

Paddy Processing

In the rice industry, paddy grains are meticulously processed, undergoing cleaning, dehusking, polishing, and sorting with precision. This careful treatment yields the finest varieties of rice known for their quality and flavor.

Quality Control and Packing Stage

Quality control during the processing stage in industries is maintained through rigorous inspection, standardized protocols, and cutting-edge technology. Regular employee training, and feedback loops are crucial to identify and rectify issues, ensuring products meet stringent quality standards and customer expectations.

Shipping Stage

We ensure direct delivery of our premium rice bags to customers, bypassing intermediaries. This streamlines the process, ensuring fresher, cost-effective products. By eliminating middlemen, we maintain quality and offer competitive prices, enhancing customer satisfaction.



RICWAL is an Agri-Business E-Commerce Start-up which provides best quality of rice to the customer’s door with an affordable price. The main agenda of Ricwal is to make sure that there is no middle men in between the producers and the consumers. So that the customers can get best quality rice at an affordable price. As of now Ricwal got over 100 tie-ups with major rice industries in the state of Telangana and got associated with many rice brands like Lalitha, Lohitha, Bell, Fortune and 24 Mantra Organic rice brand.

Ricwal also encourages and educates farmers on the production of organic rice which has a great demand in modern society. Ricwal is trying to bring the tremendous work done by the farmers to grow the crop into limelight by projecting them in farmer’s portal and educating them on how to produce good crops with good yield.

Ricwal procures the best quality of rice grains from farmers by visiting their farm lands and testing the grains with the help of our crop research team. We pay the farmers on spot and send the grains to our warehouse. With this RICWAL assures the best quality of rice as we are not compromising with any quality from the grain procurement stage to the rice dispatching stage to our customers.

After the processing of grain is done, The Rice industries specify a price which is far less than the actual price that the mediators sell to the customers. But, we in RICWAL sells the rice with half of the margin price that a mediator sell to the customers. i.e. if the rice bag at industry is 900 INR, the mediator sells it for 1300 INR but we in Ricwal sell it for 1100. So that, Each and every one can buy best quality of rice for an affordable price in comparison with the mediator’s or middle men’s price.

In the present scenario there is a lot of variation in pricing of the rice by the mediators. This is because the rice that is produced from the industry reaches to a common person only after it is transferred to various people such as the Wholesaler and then to the retailers and finally to the customers. Because of this, when the rice reaches to the customers there is a lot variation in the pricing. is a startup company in the modern e-society which acts as a bridge between crop industries and customers. The company deals with all kinds of rice.It is the first company in India to provide best quality rice at low prices.

  not only work for organizational benifits but also for social cause.Small portion of amount will be awarded to the farmers on every purchase for their immense hard work.This is to encourage farmers through e-commerce platform.

      We strive to achieve the brim level of "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION". provides customer with:
                                  * Wide range of rice
                                  * Superior quality
                                  * Assured price
                                  * On time delivery of products
                                  * Good responce to our customers
                                  * Quick resolution of any concerns

We strive to eradicate the fraud that's going on in the present system of purchase of rice. In the present scenario people buy rice through a mediator or a dealer. In this process of obtaining rice people buy rice with whatever price the seller says. 

People are unaware of the basic price at which an industry produces the rice.Taking all these problems into consideration we have started this venture.

Through Ricwal people can directly buy rice from the industry with full transparency. As the customers are obtaining the rice from industry, they get the best quality of rice for an affordable price.


  • Incorporated as a Private Limited Company by the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs.

  • Obtained Udyog Aadhaar certificate from the MSME.

  • Have been recognized as a STARTUP by DPIIT in India by the Govt of India.

  • Incubated at IIT Kharagpur.

  • Tied-up with 100+ Industries.

  • Safe payment gateway service agreement with PayU.

  • 50+ Outlets. 

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