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Thin Gradient Boiled rice, also known as partially cooked rice or parboiled rice, is a unique form of rice that undergoes a special processing technique before it is cooked. In this process, the rice is partially boiled in its husk, which helps retain some of the nutrients and makes the grains firmer.

This rice offers several advantages over regular boiled rice. It has a slightly firmer texture, making it less likely to become mushy when cooked. The grains maintain their individuality and are less sticky, making it easier to handle and serve.

Additionally, the parboiling process of half boiled rice helps preserve some of the nutrients present in the rice bran, which includes vitamins and minerals. It also enhances the cooking efficiency, reducing the overall cooking time and ensuring evenly cooked rice.

Half boiled rice is widely used in various culinary applications, including rice dishes, fried rice, and biryanis. Its unique texture and ability to absorb flavors make it a popular choice for many rice-based recipes.

Whether you prefer a slightly firmer rice texture or are looking to speed up your cooking process, half boiled rice offers a convenient and nutritious option. Its versatility and improved texture make it an excellent choice for those seeking a delightful rice experience.

BOILED RICE (Thin Gradient)